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Nicholas Williams

Official Website of Future Award Winning Author who will someday be super famous and will no doubt have a subsequent breakdown from overwhelming fame


New Release

Had Me at Halo

A man gets the chance to relive his life to win over the woman of his dreams, only to realize that his true soulmate is the guardian angel helping him along the way.

A feelgood Contemporary Fantasy with a central love story.

Coming October 11th, 2023


My Author Brand

My writing doesn't really fit genre conventions, but my audience is out there. With my brand of storytelling, you will find books that have tons of forward momentum, emotional climaxes and all the romantic warm and fuzzies. 


What is a High Concept Plot? That's a type of story with an intriguing premise that can be summarized in one sentence. I love them because (when done well) they usually warp the way we view society or ourselves (think Black Mirror). I always tell high concept stories because they have lots of plot drive and allow me to explore deeper themes.

For my spice, I usually only write a scene or two, but they tend to be quite graphic. So keep that in mind.

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