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About me--Nicholas Williams


A little about me. I'm a people pleaser, which weirdly makes me an excellent writer, because even though I'm always writing topics that are close to my heart, my goal is always to tell a compelling story first. That means workshopping my writing until it's smooth as butter. That means killing my darlings even if I spent years on them. That means getting dozens of skilled beta readers to fall in love with my work first. If my writing isn't achieving my goals, then I don't want it.

I want people to laugh, cry and feel their pulses reeling. When they're done, they'll set my books down with a grin on their face. Not only will they be feel happier, but they'll see things a little bit differently than when they started.

I'm not afraid to cut myself open for a novel and I'm sure as hell not going to bore you. Whether the themes resonate with you or not, you're going to have a fun time.

That's the Williams Guarantee.

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