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Had Me at Halo

Liam Evans always believed Sienna was the woman of his dreams. Through sheer bad luck, he already lost her once, but thanks to his guardian angel—Amara Farouq, he has a second chance to reclaim happily ever after.

As he slowly realizes him and Sienna may not be the best fit after all, he finds that Amara shares many of his values. Unfortunately, there’s a time limit and he’s just starting to understand his own feelings. If he makes the wrong choice, it’ll cost him happily ever after.

Dual POV between Liam and Amara. If you like Palm Springs, Under the Whispering Door or The Good Place, then you'll love this.

Coming September 2023


Sienna's Gotta Death Whisk

Sienna Mires loves living in Daydream Village, an elite community within the Afterlife. However, if she loses a baking competition to prove her worthiness, she'll be forced to relocate somewhere else. Willing to do whatever it takes to win, Sienna strikes a deal with the Devil for a demonic whisk.

The kitchen heats up, when romantic tension develops between Sienna and one of the sexy contestants. Between betrayal, love and appliances that have orgasms, Sienna isn't sure she's got what it takes to come up on top.

Masterchef meets Aubrey Plaza's sarcasm meets that village in Beauty and the Beast where they break out into song. 


Coming March 2024

Empty Vessels (2019)

Lucas Mahler babysits clones all day, but he's trapped under the legacy of his body-builder father and his genius girlfriend. When Lucas tries to rise above, he's murdered for unknown reasons.

Waking up in the body of a clone, Lucas faces a dire mystery full of blood, old friends and lost loves. As Lucas uncovers the events leading to his death, it becomes clear the murderer's plan has just started.

YA Science Fiction with a Mystery. I made that cover myself. Isn't it ridiculously awesome? I had to 3D model those tanks!

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